be you be true

be you be true

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  9. In a parallel universe

    In a parallel universe -


  11. Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can't Hang (Official Music Video)


    I haven’t seen this video in a year, when i first found them, and it just reopened everything for me. 

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    This always fucking gets me.

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Never on We Heart It -


    Never on We Heart It -

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    love poems from 2011, thank u amina for making this into a gif set

    they way they float is cute it looks like thoght bubbbles 

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  19. im tired if this place we call life, i want it all to end im done with breathing, im done with eating, walking, talking, seeing, hearing,f feelings, i am tired of walking up everyday depressed and wishing i died im my sleep some how, im tired of crying myself to sleep because im still alive and i know i will be ain tomorrow. i am done with it all and i want it to all go away. i just want this all gone but no one will see this and when they do its nit like they will think anything of it. its jut a phase its juat a quote its just a saying but little do they know its my heart that feels this way its my life not a phase i want it all gone……


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They just want to end their pain…


    They just want to end their pain…

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☻〜☻ on We Heart It.


    ☻〜☻ on We Heart It.

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